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Heaviest kpop idol female. Jisung-Girls Alerts Female Heaviest k-pop idol Jisung is pretty but heavy at the same time. Cao Lu wrote that she was 50kg 110lbs but turned out to be 49kg 108lbs. edinburg crash today. x pole xpert. ishowspeed bypassed roblox id..

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9 Lee Min-hyuk: BtoB. Lee Min-hyuk is one member of the seven-member K-Pop group, BtoB. The group debuted back in 2012 and has been a hit ever since. Besides the incredible talent of the group, there are also some impressive physiques. One of them being Min-hyuk's. He is often regarded as being one of the best idol-athletes and took home some.

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Stray Kids is a popular k-pop boy band that comes under one of the biggest record label agencies in South Korea i.e. JYP Entertainment. Rapper Hyunjin was only 18 when he debuted with the other members and has been under the spotlight ever since. This also includes his personal life that has been a topic of interest lately.

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Here are 10 idols with insanely high IQs. 1. BTS's RM. RM has an IQ of 148. While he was a middle school student, he scored 900 out of 990 on the TOEIC, an international standardized exam that.

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466 Comments. Who do you think is the most handsome KPOP idol? Jaemin (NCT Dream) L\Myungsoo (Infinite) Juyeon (The Boyz) Wonwoo (Seventeen) Park Seungjun/Park Seoham.

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There are lightstick oceans that have gone down in K-Pop history for what the fans did for their idols. Most notably in 2015 , during EXO's "EXO Planet #2 - The EXO'luXion" tour at the Tokyo Dome.

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